What makes FLIG better than other sourcing sites?

With FLIG, we wanted to mitigate the risks associated with hiring talent outside your trusted network. Artists on our platform are reviewed by agents, talent buyers, managers, music directors, producers, and artists in the industry as well as planners. The process is incredibly selective. Aside from amazing music, some of the considerations we review are:

  • Years of professional experience and specifically experience within the formal event space

  • Audience engagement

  • Sound business practices

  • A firm understanding of various event protocols, dress code, and schedules

  • All recent videos and audio files

  • Instrument mastery

  • Band dynamic

  • Genre fluency

  • Live performances

  • Overall professionalism

We wanted to create a system as fail-safe as your most trusted resources, so you could focus efforts where they should to be: on the needs of your client.

Am I paying more than if I were to go direct?

Going direct might offer savings upfront, but costs you time and process at the end. FLIG gives you:

  1. An Open-Budget platform Post your budget and artists apply. No bidding, scrolling for the best individual rates, or time-consuming negotiations. Every artist who applies for your event agrees to your specified budget up front.

  2. Access to curated Artists All our musicians, vocalists, DJs, and bands have been stringently vetted by industry professionals. It is a next level curation process virtually eliminating the guess work, research, and risk of hiring outside of your network.

  3. Access to artists’ Professional Profiles All the videos, music, and information you need from an Artist/band/group is specified on their profile. There is no intermediary and no delay.

  4. All necessary documents, ready to download Every FLIG artist you choose for your event can upload their tech specifications, stage plots, and Certificate of Insurance (if applicable). Once you confirm an artist, you download their documents immediately, no waiting necessary.

  5. In-app messaging The FLIG platform features a messaging feature so that every confirmed artist has a dedicated method of communication with you. This keeps your private stuff private, saves you from unsolicited calls and emails, offers easy access to chats and information, and helps to keep messages for each Event, separate, organized, and all in one place.

  6. RFP proliferation You post once and the RFP/event post is sent immediately to amazing local and industry-vetted artists within your specified criteria. Instant notifications are sent when artists apply for consideration.

  7. Discover Artists Page In your account, you are able to browse the best local entertainment available. Filters help to narrow listings so you can explore and engage our Artist community even before an Event is created.

  8. No registration or subscription fees

If you believe that time and process is money, then FLIG saves you far more in the long game.

What is the "Platform Usage Fee"?

The Platform Usage Fee is what allows FLIG to address your needs. It covers credit card transaction fees, supports the technology of the platform, and compensates the FLIG Team members who are excited to work with you.

15% is subtracted from the total budget once the Artist is confirmed for an event. There are no financial obligations outside of the budget you post. Our goal is to be transparent, delivering a service that considers your needs as a Planner, and partnering with you to help create truly exceptional events and experiences.

I don't want to get bombarded with unsolicited emails, what happens after I submit a request?

All messages are delivered via an in-app messaging feature that can be reviewed in your Planner Account at any time. All communication is safely contained within the platform and only confirmed artists have access to the in-app portal.

How quickly can I expect a response?

This can vary. It depends on artist availability, budget, and timing.

  • Availability Most artists will respond within 3-5 days if they are available and interested. If they are in a large band, checking schedules between members can take longer
  • Budget Consider the number of band members and distribution. Overhead for the artist (traveling costs, rental costs for rehearsal space, sound equipment, uniforms, hotel rooms etc) also greatly influences engagement. And allowing for the 15% platform usage in your budget helps ensure that your artist receives the intended compensation
  • Timing Peak times of the week or year will be busier and can cost more for entertainment due to the talent demand

Keeping all these points in mind gives Planners the best foot forward with response times and helps towards creating a successful event.

I need to work within specific payment terms - can I send a check / PO / etc?

Yes! We are able to process check and credit card payments. Both options are available for selection on the Event Creation page.

Do you only work on events in Chicago? Do you operate in other cities? Do you work in the suburbs?

Our initial launch will be focused on Chicago, the surrounding suburbs, and close bordering towns and cities. As we hone our product and add new and awesome features, our long-term plan is to expand to other areas as the market dictates. Bottom line, our community dictates our span, so if you want access to our services in your area, please sign up!

Is FLIG a booking agency?

No, we are not a booking agency or talent buyer. FLIG facilitates a connection with industry-curated artists and planners who operate independently and are free to post and respond to leads without our intervention.

How much does it cost to sign up and register?

There are no sign-up, registration, or subscription fees.

How will Artists who are not selected, be notified?

Artists who are not selected for an event will be notified via email that the performance opportunity is “no longer available”.

After I make my selection, how do I notify the Artist that they have been confirmed?

The selected Artist will be notified through the FLIG platform that they have been “confirmed to perform for the Event.” At that point, in-app messaging will be enabled between Artist and Planner, and you can upload/download documents as well as message.

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