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How to Make Your Profile Content Compelling to a Planner

When a planner is reviewing entertainment options, there's a process we all go through pretty regularly - checking availability, confirming rates, and then seeing what is left after those pivotal steps are complete. This is the point when we try to distinguish from a little paragraph, some photos, and some video clips, who can enhance our event.


Turns out, some of what I looked for in dating profiles, I also looked for in event vendors' profiles:

  • Choose high-quality photos, a level of authenticity, and profile content that sets you apart from the pack.
    It doesn't hurt to be dashingly handsome, either, (I have to keep my client's needs at the forefront of my search, after all). Much like reading "prefers cats to dogs" or "coffee drinker" versus "tea drinker" can make or break chances at a first date, you better believe the headshot taken in 1999 at a luau-themed house party is not going to lead to a request for a formal event proposal.
  • A small 3-5 selection of high-quality photos is best.
    A mix of actual performance candids, as well as more formal posed pictures helps give me a sense of what I can expect on-site. If there are a variety of ways the entertainer performs (duo/trio, amplified/acoustic, roaming/seated), this is a great place to illustrate that. Only put out there what is authentic, awesome, and relevant. I would rather see fewer, better photos than a large variety for the sake of quantity.
  • When it comes to videos, keep it relevant and succinct.
    If the first 30 seconds of the video is an emcee's introduction or a camera being focused among a crowd of audience members, make an effort to edit that out of the video. Planners will thank you for this.
  • In your bio, try to answer the question "What separates me from the others?".
    Perhaps it's your 20+ years experience, maybe it's your surprisingly budget-friendly prices, or maybe it's that you were on an episode of America's Got Talent. Find ways to speak in a voice that feels like your own, giving examples of your core competencies. Pique my interests with what makes you different and talented. The online dating of this would be something like "Perfected a signature fried chicken recipe after years of R&D". Now that's someone I want to meet!

When your voice is authentic and relevant, you will be compelling to the person signing the contracts. Keep in mind, you're often talking to an audience that doesn't have a big background in musicality and that industry, so it's ok if if feels that way. And, be truthful - if you can't sing in French, (I'm looking at you, Eric-From-OKCupid-Who-Only-Took-One-Year-of-French-In-High-School), don't say that you can. There are plenty of event fish in the sea!


Emily Bouchard
Contributing Editor and Events Professional with 12 years of experience in the special event space

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