Post-Production from a Planner Perspective

Staying in touch...goes a long way

You've planned for months, you've worked hours on end to make sure that your event is picture-perfect, and finally, it's over! Perhaps you raise a glass of champagne and toast to your success, put your feet up for a day, and just like that, you're on to the next event.

Not so fast!

There's a missing piece of linen that got left behind at the venue, one of the attendees lost their phone, and the florist has a special "thank you" gift they want sent to the client's hotel room.  You owe your client a final bill within a week, but have to account for the caterer forgetting the special request to have La Croix at the bar, and the band playing an hour of overtime.

"Thank You" gift basket

Your job continues. The event is NOT over!

Here, awesome vendors rise to the top. The best vendors provide clear, concise, accurate final bills, without having to be reminded to do so. If allowed, perhaps they post a great photo to their social media highlighting the event, and tagging their event partners. Thinking forward to next year, they take a second to consider key learnings from the event, (Would an extra hand-held mic have come in handy? Should they consider switching to a jazzier tone after dinner?).

Looking Long-Term

The relationship between the vendor and planner can be fostered in additional ways:

  • Staying in touch via a newsletter or social media connection goes a long way
  • Extending preferred rates to past clients helps ensure that the business relationship will continue long into the future

Planners are playing a never-ending juggling game of planning future events and managing post-production from past events. Vendor patience and preparedness are two of the best gifts you can give your planner, (and remember, if you don't hear from him or her right away, she's probably still searching for that missing tablecloth). 


Emily Bouchard
Contributing Editor and Events Professional with 12 years of experience in the special event space

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