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Relationships in the Hospitality Industry

Relationships run this business

Go to any event industry networking event, and you're likely to hear "Oh that's right, we worked together when you were at that other company!", or "Oh my gosh I remember that crazy event we produced together back-in-the-day when you still did catering and I was in floral?!". It seems like everyone's name badge should list their current company, as well as a quick list of the 3 companies they were at before their current role.


This is not the time to discuss the industry's turn-over rate, however. This is a friendly reminder to, well, be friendly. Relationships run this business. While the Special Event Industry is growing, the network is becoming tighter and more aware of the fact that we have the privilege, opportunity, and choice to work with people we like. 

Our industry is comprised of the crazies - the ones that find it gratifying to stay up until the wee hours of the night cross checking a rooming list, or fine-tuning a run of show because we know the result can be a Super Star Event, (capitalization purposeful). Look around any industry event and you've found your people - the ones who find joy in surprising and delighting guests with special touches and careful attention to detail. We are united in that we all are in the hospitality business, and it doesn't only affect our client relationships, it's about being hospitable to one-another.

That means being respectful of our vendors:

  • Giving them our loyalty when they do an awesome job.
  • Giving them the high-paying business when we can, and knowing that they'll have our back when we have clients on a "champagne taste but with a beer budget".
  • Remembering the value they provide when you work for a third party, be it a booking agent, DMC, or concierge.
  • Appreciating them by being loyal.

We have an abundant selection of awesome people in this industry and gossip travels faster than in a high school cafeteria. With that said - let's be real, wouldn't that scene have been more enjoyable back then if we were all talking about the quality of the tater tots than how Becky dumped Michael and lied to her best friend about it the day before prom?

Be friendly and be loyal. Repeat. Your reputation precedes you.


Emily Bouchard
Contributing Editor and Events Professional with 12 years of experience in the special event space

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