Jennifer Gary

Take these broken wings
and learn to fly
All your life, you were only waiting for this moment to arise
– Paul McCartney

Jen believes that the synergy and effort of truly good people with great ideas can change the world. Having recognized the massive disconnect between artists and the industry in her hometown, Jen focused on Chicago to cultivate a community for musicians. Her goal is to initiate a shift in the status quo and increase the value of the individual so artist contribution doesn't have to come at the expense of monetary compensation. As CEO, she identifies goals, outlines a process, forms critical partnerships and generates momentum. At FLIG, her greatest desire is to give talented and driven individuals the opportunity and the means to pursue their life's purpose.

She grew up enjoying Frank Sinatra and ABBA, and as a musician, Jen’s husband introduced a love of various metal sub-genres like Opeth, Machine Head, and Vitalism.