How much is it to sign-up and register as an Artist?

Sign-up and registration is free. There are also no subscription fees.

What is the "Platform Usage Fee"?

The Platform Usage Fee is what allows FLIG to address your needs. It covers credit card transaction fees, supports the technology of the platform, and compensates the FLIG Team members who are excited to work with you.

The 15% is subtracted from the total event budget after you are confirmed for a gig. There are no financial obligations on your end. The gig is booked, you perform, and you are paid within 24 hours. That's it. Our goal is to be transparent, focus on your needs, and deliver a service that connects you with the best gigging opportunities available.

What is the benefit of booking gigs with FLIG instead of on my own?

As a FLIG Member:

  • You are a part of an elite community I mean, let’s face it, no musician is a proud member of Craig’s List. At FLIG, every artist and band on the platform has been strenuously vetted, creating a network of the most talented and professional local musicians.

  • Your reach is expanded On our platform, your profile can be viewed by hundreds of planners outside of your network.

  • You can discover exciting new gigs The Discover Gigs page is where Artists can browse all available Gigs on the platform. Filters help Artists navigate and engage with opportunities directly without having to wait for matches or invitations.

  • You receive expedited notifications and communication Instant notifications guarantee that you don’t miss a message, and the in-app communication portal ensures that you keep track of every conversation.

  • You can easily track all your bookings and gig history In your Professional Profile, you can view all past and current gigs and view the status of gigs you applied for.

  • You can view and print all your Financial Info In your Artist Account, you can see a visual graph of your progress on the platform, track, and print all of the financial info for every gig you performed so there's no scrambling when tax season hits.

  • You are Guaranteed payment 24 hours after performance Barring any disputes, all artists receive payment in a predictable and timely manner.

As a company built by musicians, we endeavor to connect exceptional artists with better opportunities and services which value your contributions to the industry, listen to your needs, and help you create a fulfilling life in music.

How do I get paid?

All Artists are paid 24 hours post performance. One of the benefits of working with FLIG is that we charge Planners 100% in advance of the event and hold the funds in escrow to guarantee your payment.

Do I have to report FLIG earnings when I do my taxes?

Yes you do. But FLIG makes it super easy. In your account, there is a Financial Info tab. Here, all your Gigs on the platform will be automatically listed by event date, event name, name of Professional Profile, and amount earned. You can also print everything out as an Excel-ready spreadsheet so you have what you need come January.

Can I link my bank account with FLIG to get paid via direct deposit?

FLIG uses credit/debit card processing right now, but we are looking into other options and hoping to implement them very soon!

If I'm in more than one band, how do I list them all on FLIG?

After completing your Artist Profile, you can create multiple Professional Profiles. A Professional Profile is what allows bands/groups, DJs, and soloists, to be viewed by Planners and apply for gigs. There is no limit to how many you can create. All Professional Profiles are accessible from your main account so you can keep track of them from one convenient place.

If someone asks me to book another gig at a FLIG event, what do I tell them?

If they are not already a FLIG Planner, they can sign up, create a profile, and search for your Professional Profile using the FLIG platform SEARCH feature. From here, they can send you a private invitation to participate in an event.

Is all my information stored safely and securely with FLIG?

Absolutely! Our servers and data center are SOC Type II Audit compliant and meet security standards. FLIG also utilizes ssl standard technology encryption and account recovery conventions. In other words, we’ve covered our backend so you don’t need to worry about yours.

Do I have to keep all my communication with a planner within the FLIG platform?

Yes you do, but there’s good reason for it. Our in-app messaging:

  • Ensures that you are protected under our Terms of Service and cancellation policies

  • Maintains user privacy by protecting personal information from misuse and fraud

  • Saves all current and past gig communication for easy reference

  • Makes disputes simpler for FLIG Admin to identify

Additionally, booking and paying outside of the FLIG platform excludes you from any of our featured benefits and security protocols. Repeat circumvention also excludes offenders from the use of our platform.

How will Artists who are not selected, be notified?

Artists who are not selected for an event will be notified via email that the performance opportunity is “no longer available”.

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